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Video Bio

Reading a profile or viewing pictures will only tell you so much. The video bio is for what pictures just can't express. A persons laugh, the sound of ones voice, maybe an accent, all the great little nuances that make people well... people. Uploading videos gives Ongraviti users a better understanding of who you are.


Why is meeting some new or special online always such a "me vs. everyone else" type of exercise as if such things are still taboo. We know you have friends so why not make them part of your Ongraviti experience with orbits. By organizing orbits into groups, you control what is most important., privacy.

The Feed

The feed is a great way of letting people know what's going on in your day. Blog, upload a photo, write a poem, stumble across something interesting, post the link. Have a question let other users know and allow them to share their comments with you as well. A perfect place for you and your orbits to come together.

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Events Calendar

The calendar is used to organize your social events such as parties, concerts, movies, get­togethers and more. Create an event and let your orbit's know or maybe one of your orbit's invited you to an event, either way all can be created and organized here. Also stay updated to unique Ongraviti sponsored events.

Request A Date

You've just found/seen the most gorgeous, stunning, perfect woman and just must...or a handsome, built like a greek god, intelligent man and just must, meet this someone. Request­a­Date, see if the sparks fly. We’ll align the stars upon request, we know a guy at NASA, he’s that good ; )


When you come across a profile that may not be your type of man or woman but would be absolutely perfect for a friend. Why don't you reference that profile to one of your orbits and find out if you truly are that perfect matchmaker.

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